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This web page provides details of my career profile and background. The page also gives some good examples of how an enriching career in science and technology can lead to the development of innovative and diverse products.


Before embarking on a career as a teacher and trainer, I was employed as an Engineer using my skills in the design, specification and development of high technology products. These products encompassed a wide spectrum of industry sectors - from Biomedical Engineering to Aerospace Technology. I have held various technical and management positions including; General Manager of Research and Development, Hardware Design Manager, Project Manager, and Business Development Manager.

My qualifications include Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary), Bachelor of Engineering, Master of Applied Science and Postgraduate Certificate in Management (a progression path to the MBA qualification). My business management qualification is from the Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM) which is ranked as a Tier 1 business school.

Training Qualification (TAE40110):

The following is a link to the training approval qualification TAE40110 - Certificate IV in Training and Assessment:

TAE40110 - Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Teaching Awards:

Mathematics Teacher Award Letter of Outstanding Performance
Mathematics Award Certificate

Teaching Approvals:

The following links are teaching approval notifications for teaching at NSW Secondary High Schools and at TAFE.

BOSTES Accreditation (High School) - Secondary Teaching Approval for Mathematics, Science, Physics and Chemistry

TAFE - Confirmation of appointment as a Permanent TAFE Teacher


Examples of Products and Projects:

The following is a brief synopsis of four innovative products that I have designed and marketed during my working life.

Computer Based Reading Aid for the Partially Sighted:

During my university days, I had a keen passion for designing and implementing biomedical engineering solutions for the disabled. Consequently, I was awarded a prestigious scholarship by the Lions Save Sight Foundation to develop a microprocessor based reading aid for the partially sighted.

The project was completed in less than two years and as a result I was awarded the qualification of Master of Applied Science. In its time, the project used truly innovative technology – including CCD linear imaging sensor technology combined with character recognition and voice synthesis.

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VICON Human Imaging System:

From 1991 to 1993, I was employed by Oxford Metrics Pty Ltd - a small dynamic company based in the United Kingdom. The company develops motion analysis machines for performing clinical gait analysis of human movement – mainly used in the treatment of cerebral palsy. The motion analysis machines use up to 7 high-resolution CCD video cameras, for imaging the patient, combined with an image-processing unit for generating the 3-dimensional coordinate vectors. I was the principal designer for the product’s high speed electronics - responsible for both the technology selection and the detailed design (please click on this link Vicon 370 Development Team for further details).

What is particularly interesting is to now see how far Oxford Metrics has progressed as a result of the initial VICON 370 product. In particular, Oxford Metrics has managed to encapsulate a wide scope of market opportunities with VICON – including the provision of imaging expertise for major films; such as Gladiator and Titanic. The company has expanded enormously and has been awarded three queens awards for excellence. It is very satisfying to reflect on the fact that I played an integral part in the development of their successful product.

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Keycorp FlatScreen Monitors:

FlatScreen technology has now infiltrated the market from televisions to computer monitors. However, this was certainly not the case in 1995 when I was employed as both the technical and business development manager of the Keycorp FlatScreens business unit.

During my employment at Keycorp I was responsible for the design and development of a range of highly innovative FlatScreen products - mainly targeted for the finance markets. The products provided a unique fusion of aesthetic design and space saving practicality.

My contributions at Keycorp also included new initiatives to improve profitability in the FlatScreens business. These included marketing training videos with selling strategies and pursuing technology partnerships with Motorola and Apple. These initiatives resulted in significant growth of the business. At the close of business on the 30th June 1996, sales of Flatscreens represented over $15,000,000 - an increase of over 1000% on the previous year.

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Software Configurable Anaesthesia Ventilator:

In my last position before undertaking my teaching course, I was employed by Ulco Medical as the General Manager of Research and Development. My core achievement was the development of a sophisticated computer controlled ventilator providing flexible user profiling, colour LCD imaging technology and enhanced monitoring functionality.

The product uses very innovative technology and design concepts and as a result of my technical leadership my team was able to develop and file three patents – in the areas of mechanical design, electronics and software.

The patents not only demonstrated the potential for leading a team to be innovative and “think outside the square”, but also provided our products with key features that gave us a significant competitive edge over our major competitors.

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