This project covers the topic of waves and concepts associated with waves as carriers of energy. The project initially provides a background on the characteristics and features of waves allowing students to develop an understanding of the terminology used to describe waves. The project then provides students with the opportunity to conduct a first hand investigation in exploring water wave behaviour by designing a model beach to simulate the characteristics of water waves under various conditions. Finally, students examine the social and environmental issues surrounding ocean waves with a particular emphasis on the impacts of waves resulting from Tsunamis.

Target Audience

The primary target audience for this project is Stage 5 Year 10 Science. However, the project encompasses the opportunity to explore many of the themes in more depth and could thus link into the more advanced Stage 6 Year 11 science streams Senior Science, Physics or Earth and Environmental Science.

The syllabus topic covered in this project is Stage 5 Science Syllabus Outcome 5.6.1 “the wave model.” The sub-topic covered in the Learning Resources page is Outcome 5.6.1 (a) “identify waves as carriers of energy”. The following is a link to the Board of Studies syllabus document for Year 7-10 Stage 4/5 Science:

Stage 4/5 Science Syllabus

Learning Approach

The project engages students in a variety of motivational learning activities including guided discovery, planning and implementing first hand investigations, gathering and processing of information from secondary sources and presenting information. This project supports both constructivist and situated learning theories as students build an understanding of the properties of waves and investigate the issues of waves in a real contextual environment.

This on-line project has been developed by Simon Hudson.

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